Animal Plan-It Pet Sitting offers full service, professional pet sitting in your home. We are insured and bonded. It is our goal to treat you and your pets with respect and kindness and provide you with peace of mind while you are away. We are available for daily visits or over night stays and offer a variety of other household services. Our service area includes most of the Rogue Valley.

Why choose a professional pet sitter?

While there are plenty of fine places to board your pets, we believe that allowing them to stay in the environment they are accustomed to makes them feel more relaxed. Many of our human customers tell us that when they return their animals are calmer than if they'd been boarded. Our individualized care with plenty of 'TLC' allows your pet to get to know and feel comfortable with us. It is our experience that after a few visits, your pets will begin to accept us part of their family. We've been told that rather than what seems to be anxiety on the part of their pets when the suitcases come out, people who use pet sitting services say their pets appear more content.

Important Considerations
  • By getting to know your pets we are able to tell if they may be ill and alert you or provide valet to the veterinarian in emergencies.
  • By staying in your home, your pet has less exposure to other animals that may have illnesses.
  • We save you the time it takes to drop off/pick up your animals from the boarding service.
  • If you have more than one pet to board we are often more cost effective.
  • We provide a certain level of security for your home in that we will be there at least daily to make sure everything is secure. We can also make your home appear 'lived-in' by removing mail/newspapers, rotating blinds or curtains and switching lights on and off.

We all have friends/relatives who are willing to drop in to feed pets but by using our services, you don't have to feel as if you are imposing on them. By accepting a job, we are taking responsibility for your pets while you are away which means we are going to do everything reasonable to make sure your pets are safe and secure, providing you with peace of mind.

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